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About the Owners
Chris and Karen Fisher have always enjoyed serving others with warm hospitality and great food. They have been operating Lititz Family Cupboard Restaurant since 2001 when they purchased it from the Dienner family.

After eight years of steady growth in which the number of employees tripled, it was time to expand the kitchen again. So in 2008, Bakery at the Cupboard opened, giving retail customers the chance to buy fresh-baked pastries and delicious desserts just like you’ll find at the restaurant.

In 2009 another expansion occured as Chris and Karen opened Cupboard Catering, providing both full-service and drop-off catering to local events.

Today they operate the restaurant with their staff of 96,  who work together to accomplish the mission of serving quality food in a timely manner.

About the Food
“Our culinary experience came from Mom’s kitchen,” says Karen. “Growing up in Amish/Mennonite homes, good food was always a big part of our life.”

“We are rooted in Pennsylvania Dutch foods– meat and potatoes– but we don’t stop there,” she says. “Our passion and love for a variety of foods is what keeps Lititz Family Cupboard unique and always fresh”.

We are grateful to be blessed with  many loyal customers and outstanding employees, and know that without either, the Cupboard would not be what it is today. Our desire is that each and every customer would find their dining experience at the Cupboard to be above and beyond their expectations.

May God richly bless you.

Chris & Karen Fisher

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